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We are NOT accepting Grant Applications for any Foreign Mission efforts at this time.

Grant Request
Our vision is that existing ministry activities will be enhanced and expanded because of the funding that we will be able to provide. In addition it is our hope that new ministries will be started through our grant program.

To Apply for a Grant:

Fill out a Grant Application Form.

We do not respond to any requests, emails or other, that do not include a grant request application.

        Grant Applications may take up to
        2 months or more to process

  1. For a Humanitarian Grant Request use the
    Humanitarian Grant Request Form (printable)
  2. For all other grants fill out the
    Grant Request Application Form (printable) 
  3. Send your completed application to the contact information below.

After we receive your grant application a member of our Grants Committee may contact you to discuss your application to secure additional information as needed. We seek to act upon grant applications promptly. You will be notified whether or not it has been approved, if funding is available. All grants will be subject to periodic review and approval by The Master's Mission, Inc.


Contact Us at

The Master's Mission, Inc.
Pr. Rodney A. Johnson, Administrator
PO Box 645
Laurium, MI 49913

Phone: 906-337-1021